Current Favorites

Hey everybody, today im going to be telling you about some of my current favorites,


OK so, 

1.  Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, Candy Coral: I love it my friend had it and then i was inspired to get it so i did. 

2. Boots Glycerin and rosewater Toner and moisturizer: this is great and it smells great too.

3. Revlon lip butter; OMG its great the colour is amazing and its so soft !

4. LUSH Vanillary stick perfume: it smells great and so easy to apply

5. Rimmel Nail polish; Love the colour and even dries in 60 seconds

6. Impulse sprays: They smell amazing i have about 16 and the lip glosses!

7. Pandora Bracelet: The are so cute and you can have them differnt colours i love mine! its a great gift.

8. Natural Collection lip glosses: I have about 7 they are soo go they are soft and smell to die for!

and finally 9. Body shop Mango lip butter: Smells amazing, so soft and works wonders.

ok that’s it for now but comment and follow me if you haven’t already !!

Love ems1500 xxx


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